Thursday, December 20, 2007

White Girl Banned From Texas Stadium

In case you missed it, all has gone awry in the worlds of the silly little Dallas Cowboys and their relentlessly annoying, whiny crybaby fans. Apparently, it's Jessica Simpson's fault that her QB boyfriend Tony So-So, Uhmmm, I mean, Romo, proved, yet again, that he's quite ordinary. Let's face it. The Cowboys have had a really weak schedule because their division totally sucks. Congratulations, you've managed to beat almost all of the other teams who suck more than you do.
Terrell Owens, one of Romo's teammates, has publicly ordered Jessica to stay away from the Cowgirls' home games. Listen, dirtbag, you should feel lucky that anyone sets foot in that shitty stadium. Last I checked (because I'm nosy like that, I checked) Jessica Simpson is a United States citizen not currently under public supervision. She's not on probation, she doesn't wear an ankle monitor and she is pretty much able to Rom-o around as she pleases.
She ain't dumb, she's getting her some.

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