Friday, May 9, 2008

Special Comment

Don't worry, I will not be as long winded as Keith O. I just wanted to relay my perspectives to my reader (Hi, Mom) about the developments around the current status of the Democratic presidential nomination saga.

People, listen. We must let Senator Clinton run her campaign and let her decide when it is time to end her run for the nomination. Team Clinton cannot afford to carry on the way they have onto the next primaries. They're broke, they owe money to vendors in almost every state and the cash is drying up fast. Things are not going well. Let her supporters get it out of their systems. Know that they are angry and upset that their candidate will not be the 44th President of the United States. But if I may, I'd like to pass along some advice from some well-seasoned Democrats who back Clinton: this is politics, baby. Someone has to win and someone has to lose.

These words of wisdom were spoken in reference to the many supporters of Senator Obama who, at various times during the course of this campaign, felt cheated and reduced to the status of being "new to the game," and thus rendering them unworthy of understanding how politics is played. The comments by Bill in South Carolina? That's politics, baby.
Sending out misleading and incorrect information about Barack Obama's position on choice in New Hampshire? Politics, plain & simple - and it worked.

Lots of tactics worked well for the Clinton campaign. They have seriously played up Senator Clinton's whiteness as the main reason she should be our party's nominee. She's already used the "vote for me because it is time to elect a woman" strategy. Now she is using the "vote for me because I am white" strategy. Her campaign is trying to sell a bill of goods to Democrats that isn't worth the Blackberry it was typed on. The Clinton camp is insisting that Democrats need the votes of the uneducated white-working class in November to win the presidency. This is all bullshit.

Number one, Senator Obama has done increasingly better with the white working-class vote in each contest. West Virginia may not bode well for him on May 13th when that state holds their primary. Nevertheless, the Clintons continue to encounter opposition in those states, as well.

Number two, the white working class vote has not gone for a Democrat in at least two generations. The Reagan Democrats boast "conservative values" that Senator Clinton proudly identified with on the campaign trail. She transformed herself from privileged, private schooled, filthy-rich lawyer and former First Lady to a whiskey-swilling blue-collar lush overnight. Gone were the "screw 'em" sentiments she voiced at Camp David in 1995. Suddenly, she was our Great White Hope who felt our pain at the gas pump and tried hard to contrast that image against the annoying black man who thinks he's smarter than us. Classy.

Number three, the working class white electorate that she courts may not vote for her over John McCain. Do you know who would vote for her over McCain? The base of the Democratic party - African Americans. This community is solidly, loyally Democratic. We can count on our brothers and sisters in the black community to stand with us all day and all night in fighting the Republicans. The way she has and continues to insult the base of the Democratic party is dumbfounding.

Additionally, I find it absolutely astounding how prominent leaders of our party continue to stand with the Clinton campaign while they belittle the value of black Democrats and use Republican talking points ("gaaas taaax holiday") and an updated version of the Southern Strategy to divide the Democratic party.

I am not asking that the Clintons suspend their bid for the presidency. I ask that everyone stay tuned to the Democratic primary contests and observe how the Clintons went all out, balls to the walls and still lost. When you sell your soul to special interests and to the worst attributes of human nature, you get what you deserve.

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