Friday, June 20, 2008

Hullo, Thursday

.... And, we're back! Sometimes there isn't much to say so the best thing to do is keep quiet. Si o no? Rousing me from my posting slumber are the increasingly intriguing articles regarding the Obama campaign and the tussle of media access to the candidate.

I have to tell you, I've enjoyed watching how the Obama campaign handles the press. The moves are not intended to throw anyone off - or maybe they are. It's understood that the Public Has A Right To Know and that the news people Are Just Doing Their Jobs. I get that they are annoyed,  and that the life of a traveling press corp man/woman for the next president is not the best job in the world, except that it is. If it weren't so amusing that the Third Estate's feelings are hurt by the Obama campaign's message control methods, it would be maddening.

Where was their inquisitive zeal for The Truth when the Bush Administration was lying to everyone for almost 8 years?

Just sayin'. 

Via TM's Poll Dancing blog, who got it from Politico, we learn of the plight of an important journalist from the Washington Post who was put in time-out during a fundraiser for Senator Obama at Ethel Kennedy's house. I met Mrs. Kennedy and her son Max while they campaigned here in Houston for Senator Obama before the March 4th primary. They were very kind and exceptionally thoughtful, so I bet the reporter was fed while she was there in the pool room. And besides, who knew that pool reporters were not actually kept in the pool room? 

Honest mistake. 

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