Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Republicans think smart is bad

Well of course they fucking do. Look at who their leader is! Anything that is not white or spoken in an Alaskan trailer-trash accent is viewed as foreign. You know, maybe some of these backwards white Republicans believe what they see at their conventions, that the whole world is White, and that is Right, and the rest of us are just here to cook the food.

I happen to really like (err... enjoy) the way Barack Obama pronounces Pakistan. He pronounces it with a soft a sound, the correct way. It's a sign of respect for another country and for a culture that is celebrated as part of the South East Asian communities in the U.S. 

Asian American Democrats are a growing constituency and a loyal base for the Democratic party. The fact is that when the Republicans diss immigrants, they aren't just talking about Mexicans, anyone of color or ethnic background is a target of their douchebaggery. 

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