Friday, March 6, 2009

New Latina/o Leadership for Texas on May 9th

I'm up to my eyeballs in campaign materials and responsibilities! I find myself here at the office on a Friday night contemplating the new class of Latinas and Latinos who have stepped up to the challenge of public service and are now running for office in Texas. Yes, my laptop is strategically positioned on a stack of yard signs that we're delivering tomorrow.

In Houston, of course, lifelong District H resident and HPD Sargeant Ed Gonzalez is first on the ballot for the May 9, 2009 Special Election to fill the vacancy left by the election of Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

In San Antonio, former Council Member Julian Castro is well on his way to a big victory as Mayor of San Antonio on Saturday May 9th. His campaign is highly professional, organized and serious about making a difference for San Antonio.

And in Austin, Capitol veteran Perla Cavazos is vying for a place at the Austin City Council table. It's way past time for more Latino representation at Austin City Hall. Council Member Mike Martinez is doing an awesome job, but on Saturday May 9th, Austin has the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to inclusion and diversity by sending someone to council who represents a growing Austin constituency.

Ed, Julian and Perla are the future of Texas politics. Support their candidacies and vote the slate!

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