Friday, September 12, 2008

What to do... what to do...?

I'm watching CNN coverage of Hurricane Ike because the overworked, very sleepy reporters on local TV are driving me insane with their 24-hour coverage.
Call me crazy, but if my ass is about to get blown away, I at least want to catch the Oprah show before I go. 

Oh, goody! Our favorite hero during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, General Honore, is back on TV. Wolf has him on as an expert on disaster. He's all dressed up in a nice suit, his aviators are gone and he's lookin' pretty sharp. Go General Honore!

I was going to stay here by my little lonesome, but I decided to head on into my secret bunker (Mom's house) and ride out the storm there. I've got my friend Jack Daniels, my favorite pillow, a cooler full of drinks, NYT crosswords, my Abe Lincoln book and my beloved Mac. 

All's good. So, until later later, I'm hunkerin' down. If y'all see the Governor doing photo ops out there, tell him I said, "adios, mofo."

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