Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's been awhile...

An interruption is service is the reason for my latest prolonged absence from the blogging. I've missed y'all!

Since we've last "spoken," there have been a few developments in the political world.

The biggest story, by far, has been that of the election of Texas House Speaker Joe Straus III of Bexar County. A moderate Republican, Speaker Straus was elected unanimously on Tuesday, January 13, 2009. (Check out the Tweets for more)
You can find the link to the video of the first day of Session at the House website.

The second biggest story is the big 2010 Republican Gubernatorial primary, already underway with Senator Kay Bee H. and the Guv, Rick Perry. KBH just moved $8 million from her federal campaign account to her state account where the senator won't be bothered by pesky ethics laws limiting contributions.

The third story dominating news is that of the Texas Senate's rules debate to allow voter suppression. The vote was almost directly down party lines, Democrats voting no and Republicans voting yes to exempt voter I.D. legislation from the 2/3's rule. Senator John Carona of Dallas was the only Republican to oppose the rule. I thank the Senator for doing the right thing even though it's unpopular in his party.

The fourth story involves that of guy whose acquaintenance I've never made, Vidal Martinez, and his disrupture of my life. He went to city hall and started the Crazy Talk, and then the special election was tagged. For Two. More. Weeks.
Oh. My. God.
Like Lee Harvey Oswald, I think this guy acted alone. It's too bad that he listened to the voices in his head and spoke out at council yesterday.

More later...

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