Sunday, January 4, 2009

Joe Straus, III - The next Speaker of the Texas House

Harvey K. has a statement
from Rep. Joe Straus of San Antonio on his list of supporters of his bid for Speaker:

“Since entering the House I have been guided by the very straightforward principle of representing my District first, while continually evaluating what is best for Texas – the way in which a democratic body should function.

“The needs of special interests and partisanship will take a back seat to doing what is right for our State at this critical time.

“It is time for a new tone and an atmosphere of trust in the Texas House of Representatives.

“Having received the commitment of a strong majority of my colleagues, it is my goal to restore civility, fairness and transparency to the House of Representatives and its public-policy making process.

“Speaker Tom Craddick has served with distinction in the Texas House for four decades. I have great respect for him personally, and honor his service to the State."

“In the coming days, I look forward to meeting with each Representative and discussing their district's priorities."
Here's the list (thanks to Elise Hu for posting on Google Docs):

Last, First
Allen, Alma
Alonzo, Roberto
Alvarado, Carol
Anchia, Rafael
Bolton, Valinda
Branch, Dan
Burnam, Lon
Castro, Joaquin
Chavez, Norma
Cohen, Ellen
Coleman, Garnet
Cook, Byron
Davis, Yvonne
Deshotel, Joe
Dukes, Dawnna
Dunnam, Jim
Eiland, Craig
Eissler, Rob
Elkins, Gary
England, Kirk
Farias, Joe
Farabee, David
Farrar, Jessica
Flores, Kino
Frost, Stephen
Gallego, Pete
Geren, Charlie
Giddings, Helen
Gonzalez, Veronica
Gonzalez -Toureilles, Yvonne
Gutierrez, Roland
Heflin, Joe
Hernandez, Ana
Herrero, Abel
Hochberg, Scott
Hodge, Terri
Homer, Mark
Hopson, Chuck
Howard, Donna
Jones, Delwin
Keffer, Jim
Kent, Carol
King, Tracy
Kuempel, Edmund
Leibowitz, David
Lucio, Eddie
Maldonado, Diana
Mallory Caraway, Barbara
Marquez, Marisa
Martinez, Armando
Martinez Fischer, Trey
McCall, Brian
Jones McClendon, Ruth
McReynolds, Jim
Menendez, Jose
Merritt, Tommy
Miklos, Robert
Miller, Doug
Moody, Joe
Naishtat, Elliott
Oliveira, Rene
Olivo, Dora
Ortiz, Solomon
Pena, Aaron
Pickett, Joe
Pierson, Paula
Pitts, Jim
Quintanilla, Chente
Raymond, Richard
Rios Ybarra, Tara
Ritter, Allan
Rodriguez, Eddie
Rose, Patrick
Smith, Todd
Solomons, Burt
Strama, Mark
Straus, Joe
Thibaut, Kristi
Thompson, Senfronia
Turner, Chris
Vaught, Allen
Veasey, Marc
Villarreal, Mike
Vo, Hubert
Walle, Armando

Me, again. The prospects of having a PRO-CHOICE Speaker from a major Texas city is a big, big thing for Texas.

If this development holds, which I believe it will, it is absolutely a new day in the Lone Star State.

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