Sunday, August 10, 2008

On John Edwards

The Greater Heights Democrats asked me to speak at their meeting Saturday morning & I made sort of an ass of myself. I admit that. FYI, I attribute my behavior to sleep deprivation. I'm not making excuses, but 9:00 am is kind of an early call for a Saturday. Muchas gracias to Kevin for reigning me in. It was the first time I've ever been pre-empted for brreakfast tacos. Good call.

After I fumbled through a few points about the campaign, Herman Litt, chair of the Johnson Rayburn Richards Dinner, confirmed that John Edwards will not be at the event. That's cool. But why the hell did Edwards wait so long to own up to that shit? Men don't make any sense at all. GED, PhD or JD... it doesn't matter. Men let a piece of ass distract them and you just feel like slapping them upside the head for being so damn stupid.

Ugh. It really is infuriating. In my eyes, John is dirty - damaged goods. The whole reason we loved him was because he saved all his hotness for Elizabeth, the mother of his children.

No, this doesn't make him a terrible person. Everyone makes mistakes, but John Edwards' appeal was based on his unique and decadent brand of Southern loyalty and goodness. It's so very disappointing and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Elizabeth is in the prayers of many people. It's just too damn bad that her humiliation is on display for all the world to see because she deserves so much better.

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