Monday, August 18, 2008

What I missed today

Via Trailblazers, we learn that the DNC is highlighting Congressman Chet Edwards of Waco. In a DNC conference call on Sunday, Congressman Edwards reminded everyone of the shitty record John McCain and George Bush have in providing for our veterans over the last eight years. McCain will address the VFW convention in Orlando on Monday (if there is no hurricane).

Chet Edwards is a champion for our veterans and takes a back seat to no one in his commitment to them. That's why an RNC media hack issued a response late Sunday, trying to change the subject all quick-like:
"Instead of spending his vacation attacking John McCain, Chet Edwards should urge Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi to follow McCain's leadership and allow a vote on offshore drilling."
John McCain hasn't cast a vote in the Senate in more than six months. He couldn't care less about what's happening in Congress because all he needs are the sound bites. And another thing - August isn't vacation time for Congress, it's time spent in the district. Unless you're a Republican, that is.

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