Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun times at R & T

Last Friday, Harris County Tejano Democrats held our 13th Annual Roast & Toast. This year, we honored State Representative Jessica Farrar. Currently in her 8th term, Rep. Farrar is Democratic House Caucus Chair.

We had a great time at Roast & Toast. Jessica is a good sport and we love her for it. I was honored to "roast" her and raise a toast in her honor. Below is the text of my remarks:

The Jessica I Know

It was 2003 when I first became friends with Jessica. After redistricting, I was a new constituent of hers in the North Side. In response, she fled to Oklahoma. The soft-spoken rabble-rouser probably mapped the path to Ardmore.

I was soon a regular at her campaign events, at pro-choice events and I even worked for her at the Capitol. As one of her employees, I got the wardrobe lecture. You know the one -– No visible boobs, no toes, and no arms. “Show people you are serious about your job,” she said. “Besides, you wouldn’t want to see any Republican toes.”

And to clarify, there is nothing wrong with her feet. She wears those “nun” shoes because she’s working. I actually prefer them to her fuzzy, burnt-orange Longhorn slippers.

She expects her staff to work as hard as she does. At least we know there will be food!! Jessica’s office is like a FEMA center, and by that, I mean she will Feed Every (redacted) Around. (credit table 9 for that joke).

It is awesome to watch her on the house floor, especially when she’s fighting for women’s health care and she stands up to the men who think they know it all. I’d like to play this clip for you from 2007, during a floor debate on HB1098, when Jessica asks a know-it-all colleague a very important question about HIS opinion of women’s health care (redacted)

Jessica is hardcore, and that’s why we love her. Representative – It’s been an absolute honor to work for you and under your leadership for the people of District 148 and all of Texas. You are a wonderful teacher and mentor and I thank you for your guidance and friendship.
Jessica is scheduled to be honored by Annie's List in Houston tomorrow. Check their site for details. Everyone can keep the adulations coming, because Jessica deserves it all and more.

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