Saturday, October 24, 2009

When people make mistakes

There are times when, no matter how diligently we work, or how many hours we dedicate to the details, mistakes happen.

It happened to the Gene Locke campaign last Friday -- someone on the campaign sent a text to Locke text subscribers, in error, announcing, "Today is the last day of early voting!" Of course, it was not true - early voting continues until 7:00pm Friday night, October 30th.

Honest mistake, right? The staffer corrected himself immediately in another text message, and then that was probably the end of it.

Well, not so much.

I really don't get the tendency to play 6 Degrees of Separation with endorsements or supporters in a municipal election when the real players in the city have business that transcends party lines. Throwing around the "Republican" label doesn't have the impact it once did. It is a dying brand and, frankly, not the best weapon to yield when Republicans are barely a party anymore.

It is also really damn silly to suggest some sort of evil plot between Gene Locke, Beverly Kaufman, the Tax-Assessor collector's office and the cucuy to rig the election. Why are these over-zealous bloggeteers trying so hard to manufacture controversy when none exists? It's absolute lunacy.

What really gets me about this is that one particular blogger who talks more than her share of bullcorn is not even a Houstonian. She lives and votes in Fort Bend County -- so, please, tell me why anyone gives a damn about what she has to say.

Gene Locke needs a strong turnout in his base, which is a pretty solid foundation to work from, in order to pull off a victory. That's no secret, y'all. People who understand elections know that these claims of voter suppression are as ridiculous and nonsensical as they sound.

Til next time.

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