Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Monday y'all!

Kinda rainy & soggy... but it should be a good day nonetheless. While the President-elect is still putting his cabinet together, the Repubs are forecasting disaster. It's really unfortunate the way McCain-Palin went out... by telling their faithful that Barack Obama and the Democrats were going to take their hard-earned money and give it to welfare queens and people who "don't want to work."

Or, as Chuck Norris puts it, Barack Obama "and his boys" are going to steal his wallet

And there it is, in its rancid un-glory: the Republican strategy of going nuclear by being racist and classist. Blame the poor people, because it's their own fault they are poor. They must be lazy. And, of course, a young black man just wants to rob you and steal your wallet. Nice subtlety there Chuck. You stupid fuck.

Sarah Palin really knew how to connect with angry white people who are not happy about all the change that's going on. She took the opportunity to Drudge up old themes and old racist stereotypes against Democrats. Let's hope President Obama will use his vast political prowess to inject his radical Democratic agenda into all the virginal, Republican red areas of the country.

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