Friday, November 14, 2008

Kino Flores - Crooked D?

BurkaBlog tells all in the latest round of pre-Legislative session chisme regarding House Licensing & Administrative Procedures Chairman Kino Flores of Palmview, where ever the hell that is. Apparently, Burka's been trolling South Texas blogs for any dirty laundry he can find. And boy, howdy, Stace's primos sure dish out the goods on Kino. Since Burka has a knack for tying everything into the Speaker's race, we'll indulge him on this juicy tidbit of Speaker's race politics and the possibility of Kino resigning his seat:

District Attorney Ronnie Earle’s approach to some cases involving ethics violations — most prominently, that of former speaker Gib Lewis — has been to offer the public official who is under fire the choice of resign your seat or face prosecution. Normally, the troubles of an individual legislator would not have much impact on the course of Texas politics. But Flores’s situation has arisen in the context of a speaker’s race. Today, November 13, is exactly two months prior to the formal vote on Tom Craddick’s future. Flores is one of a dwindling number of Craddick D’s. It is by no means certain that he will be around to take the oath of office on January 13.
If he isn’t, his son might be. The blog noted “the sudden return from Tampa to South Texas of [Flores's] son, Buddy, who had been working for Florida Power & Light, courtesy of a cushy job arranged for him by Texas lawmaker Phil King, chairman of the powerful Regulated Industries Committee and a lawyer for the Florida power company.”

Not a pretty picture
I'm on my way to the Capitol today to do my own snooping. I'll tell you what I find!

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