Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving - Late Edition

I had a great weekend! Hope you did, too. Last week I saw lots of family and distant relatives, and then had a chance to see some friends. 
Brian & I hung out on Wednesday night when he came in from his luxury condo near Port Arthur to spend Thanksgiving with the Walles. He is the on-the-ground expert for the Chris Bell for Senate campaign in Jefferson county.  GO TEAM BELL!

Thanksgiving was spent at Grandma's house with all the trimmings and 3 freakin' turkeys. OH YEAH people. Good thing we like turkey, huh? Aunt Bebe is making some pot pies as we speak. As I stated before, Oh. Yeah.

Dinner & a movie with my girl M. T. was Friday night. Yes, I know. We told each other, "I wish you were a hot guy" like 5 times. It's cool, though. The waiter was cute, the food rocked and the movie was great. Anne Hathaway is awesome in her role as younger sister Kym in Rachel Getting Married. I really liked the movie, but when the hell did Connecticut turn into Austin, TX?

Ava's birthday party was yesterday and Karissa & Scarlett went with me on our Journey to the Suburbs. I stuffed myself on pizza at Incredible Pizza Company on Highway 6 in Sugar Land. The prominent Jesus Fish decals on the entrance doors indicate that it's a Christian-owned facility. Holy pizza buffet, Batman. They need to better supervise their teen-aged staff to clean up the spills on the floor. People can fall and hurt themselves. But I guess IPC won't mind if we get some Christian Trial Lawyers on their asses, just like the Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist families in Sugar Land won't mind if their kids bring home "Smile Jesus Loves You" boomerangs from the pizza place. 

Last night I was out pretty late so I missed out on the Sunday activities. I got up to see George but didn't stick around for Community Close Up.

This week: Tailgating for Monday Night Football! Then I'm off to Austin on Thursday for a quick trip. Have a good week, everyone.

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