Thursday, December 20, 2007

White Girl Banned From Texas Stadium

In case you missed it, all has gone awry in the worlds of the silly little Dallas Cowboys and their relentlessly annoying, whiny crybaby fans. Apparently, it's Jessica Simpson's fault that her QB boyfriend Tony So-So, Uhmmm, I mean, Romo, proved, yet again, that he's quite ordinary. Let's face it. The Cowboys have had a really weak schedule because their division totally sucks. Congratulations, you've managed to beat almost all of the other teams who suck more than you do.
Terrell Owens, one of Romo's teammates, has publicly ordered Jessica to stay away from the Cowgirls' home games. Listen, dirtbag, you should feel lucky that anyone sets foot in that shitty stadium. Last I checked (because I'm nosy like that, I checked) Jessica Simpson is a United States citizen not currently under public supervision. She's not on probation, she doesn't wear an ankle monitor and she is pretty much able to Rom-o around as she pleases.
She ain't dumb, she's getting her some.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

FINALS... Finally

Okay, so I am less than an hour out from taking my final exam. I'm finishing up some last minute reading, so I'll post more afterward. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

HCDP and the Ad-Hoc Committee for Judicial Candidates

You gotta love Marc Campos. Why? Because Jesus said so. Marc enjoys an audience statewide thanks to our mutual friend Carl Whitmarsh. I hope Marc gives Carl something really nice for Christmas this year. If it were not for Carl, Kristen Mack may have stayed in Houston, cheering on her favorite politico who's never been elected to anything.

But I digress. Campos' Daily Commentary is like that car accident you pass on the way to work some mornings. You just can't help but look sometimes. But what everyone must understand is that Campos is often deliberately misleading in his postings. Every word of "commentary" serves a purpose. Don't believe everything you read.

Today, Marc goes after the Harris County Democratic Party and Chair Gerry Birnberg along with the HCDP Ad-Hoc Committee and it's chair, Dave Matthiesen.

Marc wants you to believe that he knew nothing of this committee. I'm a lazy blogger, but for shiz & giggles, let's peruse Daily Commentary for his thoughts on the Ad-Hoc Committee and read his whiiiiiiiny posts about how no one called him. He wasn't invited or consulted. Wah.

Gerry and Jamaal were the first to let us all know about the hours and hours of time that Dave Matthiesen and the committee graciously donated to put together a solid group of candidates for the 2008 Election. Thank you, Dave. And Frume. And Judge Rincon! Thank you, Gerry, for showing leadership in making sure that every community was represented on the committee and on our list of candidates. You did a great job.

Marc knows about all this. It's his job to know. And if you believe for one second that Marc is sincere in his outrage at the Party and the stellar group of Democrats who served on that committee, then you have been had. What I want to know is why someone in his position would antagonize Democrats like Dave Matthiesen and other donors and friends of the Party.

UGH. This post about Marc Campos took away 20 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday Football blogging...

Okay, so exactly what could ruin a big Texans win and put my celebratory dance of joy on hold? Faux Sports not showing the highlights of the win and instead cutting to the Cowgirls game. Uhmmm, HELLO. Their division totally sucks. 

Dear Santa- please send the Lions defense to knock Romo on his azz. He's not that cute anyway.