Sunday, July 27, 2008

I overslept

Don't give me three beers... I'll nurse a hangover for everything it's worth. I stayed up super late after going out for Manda's birthday. I got out of bed to get the paper but slept through Stephanopoulos. That left me to scourge ABC News for what I missed. Unfortunately, they don't offer video netcasts or podcasts of their programming the way NBC does, just audio, which is really lame. 

In his interview with George, John McCain expressed his support for repealing Affirmative Action policies, displayed a weak stance on the state of the economy, and said he didn't care if there are kids out there who need homes, gay parents need not apply. He repeats three times that he supports "traditional" "two-parent" homes instead of just saying that he opposes gay adoption. Single people, where does that leave you? Suppose your drug-addicted sibling loses custody of her kid, and you want to adopt him, McCain's policy gives preference to married people. What about family values? How about keeping families together and supporting families, no matter what they may look like?  His family is the picture-perfect American family success story with the glamorous wife, her wealthy family business and an adopted daughter (it's okay, he was married). Except we know the truth... about his first wife Carol and his callous behavior, about how he treats trophy wife Cindy, and that he is generally a prick.

In other Sunday morning talk news... Matthew Dowd wore jeans with a coat & tie for his appearance on This Week. Is it just me, or is that incredibly annoying, considering everyone else at the Roundtable was dressed in business attire? I've never liked Matthew Dowd, but now it's even harder to take him seriously. It's like he stopped by for a chat with Cokie, Sam and the two Georges on the way to brunch. I couldn't stop looking at his jeans, which are probably Gap jeans because he's too much of a slob to buy a nice pair of jeans. Then again, if he owned a nice pair of jeans, that would mean he had a sense of style. If he had a sense of style, he wouldn't f*ucking wear jeans on Sunday morning television. 

What is he, Catholic?

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