Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gene Locke is a good man

He's raised two successful daughters, has an incredibly smart, fantastic wife and has hired women to do the important jobs in his campaign.

I've met some sexists in my time as a political person in Texas, and there are PLENTY of them in the Democratic Party. Gene Locke is not a sexist although it may be politically expedient to call him one.

I am beyond furious at Annie's List because it is just not true. Gene Locke is a stand up guy and I am proud to support him. I'd like to make a suggestion to them - don't piss off your supporters with this kind of hit piece. If Gene Locke had a disdain for women and if your endorsed candidate was doing well in the first place, you wouldn't have to connect the dots for us in your orange and red crayons.

It may be hard to gauge Houston politics from all the way in Austin, but shit doesn't run here the way in does in Austin. In Houston, we generally do not fall in line with the white liberals but instead consider candidates on their merits. There's no such thing as "it's my time" or "it's my turn" in Houston. We work for what we want in this city and the BS stops at the Harris County line.

Annie's List attacks a pro-choice male candidate because they think I don't know better. Spare me.

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