Thursday, February 21, 2008

Am I in trouble?

Lots of people have come through Texas in the past few days in pretty foul moods. You know, we're a friendly bunch for the most part here in the Lone Star State. We are very happy to have a part in electing the next President of our country. It's been so much fun! Most of the time.

I have not really enjoyed the frequent speechifying & scoldings we've been getting from the Clinton campaign. They have been absolutely insistent that we fall in line and vote for Clinton in the March 4th Texas Primary. And they mean it, buster!! You Texans BETTER vote for Hillary Clinton, and if you don't and she loses, it's All.Your.Fault.

The other night at Tejanos, I really felt like I did something bad and my punishment was having to sit there and endure the douchebaggery that kept feminist icon Dolores Huerta in the corner while the two most annoying Latinos this campaign cycle showed off.

But even if Antonio Villa wasn't the scumbag that he is and if he and Henry Cisneros had some credibility in promoting a female candidate, I do not appreciate the condescending tone of being told what to do or for whom to vote.

I don't know where you think you are, but this is not South Texas and Latinos here do not partake in the party patron system. Clinton backers can bark at me - all night long, as Lionel Richie says - but if anything, their approach is unnecessarily heavy-handed, forced and uninspired. Not to mention patronizing and insulting, but I'll let Miss tell you more about that later. If Hillary Clinton is the last great hope for Latinos in Texas, then I would already know it and the hard sell would be inappropriate, right?

I think so. The Clintons and their surrogates can scold and even dismiss voters for choosing Barack Obama, but it is clearly not winning them any more votes.

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John Coby said...

Well, that was my first meeting of th e Tejano Democrats and I had to leave after Senator Ellis' ranting, raving, and comments about Hispanic and Black relations.

I think he called the entire room ignorant.

So I left.