Saturday, February 9, 2008

David Douchester

Chelsea Clinton kicks ass. I love her. She's smart, attractive and we don't have to worry about Chels getting caught... underdressed, so to speak. We should make pink and purple shows on Nickleodeon about her. So imagine our disgust at the thought of some loser named David Shuster pretty much calling Chelsea a ho'

WTF? Okay... you're only on MSNBC because you're not good enough to be a real reporter on a major network.

The Clinton campaign is pissed & getting the well-deserved chance to stick up for their girl Chelsea by threatening to pull out of some debates they accused Barack Obama of dodging. 


Adriana said...

I'm not really a Chelsea Clinton fan. I don't like that she won't talk to the media, yet she will go out on the campaign trail and act as a surrogate. She's almost 28 years old, not some 13 year old child. She's had a better education than 90 some odd percent of Americans, so she should be able to speak to the media without breaking down. I'm sure that part of her media avoidance has to do w/ her pops and his extracurricular activities, but she can surely say, "No comment."

Check out this arrogant comment she made recently responding to a student who asked her about her mother's vote for the war authorization:

"She voted based on the best evidence at the time. Perhaps you had clairvoyance, and that's extraordinary."

There were about 23 other senators who voted against the war.

Check it out:

bracesandaces said...

She shouldn't have to answer for her mother. Why not ask her mother about the vote. I totally agree with Chelsea. She could've been a lot tactfull, but at least she's better than the Bush twins.