Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Color me unimpressed

Last night at the Harris County Tejano Democrats endorsement meeting, we had some VIP visitors stumping for the campaign of Senator Hillary Clinton. Our meeting was interrupted to welcome Secretary Henry Cisneros, San Antonio City Council Member Mary Alice Cisneros, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) and one of the true heroes of the American civil rights movement, the incomparable Dolores Huerta.
Secy. Cisneros I'll put up with. CM Cisneros I admire. Dolores Huerta is, in fact, one of my personal heroes who is overlooked in history because she is a woman.

But Villa-Raigosa is a creep. He cheated on his wife in the early 1990's WHILE SHE WAS BEING TREATED FOR CANCER.
Then, one year ago, Corina Raigosa reclaimed her name and again filed for divorce from Mayor Villa because he was cheating on her. Again. This time, it was with the Telemundo reporter assigned to his beat.

So excuse the f*** out of me if I believe that Antonio Villaraigosa has zero credibility in promoting any candidate for elected office.


Adriana said...

I'm from the Southern California area, and he doesn't have much credibility with me either. And it really is too bad because he can be very personable, charming, and even inspiring. His incident last summer w/ his mistress, wife, and family really was distracting for the Los Angeles Latino community. I blogged about it extensively.

And the real kicker is he's not even w/ Mirthala Salinas anymore. I wonder if he regrets this at all.

bracesandaces said...

I love Dolores Huerta and I totally agree with you. I think if she had a penis, she'd be up there just like Cesar Chave...oh wait it took them years to acknowledge him. Damn. Oh, don't be hating on HRC. I voted for her today.