Thursday, February 7, 2008

Obama & Latino voters

I am growing increasingly impatient with some Latinos who seek to divide the Democratic electorate by saying "See? Latinos don't like black candidates," and using that tired, outdated rhetoric as proof that Sen. Barack Obama lacks Latino support. It's just not true.

The immigration wedge issue is a non-starter. Latinos care about the same issues that other Democrats are concerned about - education, the War in Iraq, the economy and health insurance. I am encouraged by the fact that a candidate of color is receiving overwhelming support from people in the Fly-Over states - America's breadbasket and the MidWest.

Some people out there want you to believe that Latinos are soft on Sen. Obama because he's being backed by lawmakers who voted against immigration reform legislation. What a load of crap. Latinos are no different from other American voters who don't know who their own Senators are much less who the first term Senator from freakin' Missouri is.

Latinos supported Senator Hillary Clinton on February 5th because they know who she is - the wife of Beel Cleenton, who Latinos love. Plus, she ate a taco with that womanizing scumbag Antonio Villa at King Taco in East L.A. Doesn't do it for me, but, whatever.

The more people get to know Senator Barack Obama, the more support he gathers. I think it is a great thing that Republicans, moderates and young people are flocking to his candidacy. The March 4th Texas Primary is an excellent opportunity for Senator Obama to bring his message of change, hope and ending the politics of the past to Texas voters. He's got the time, he's got the money and the grassroots organizers on the ground to win over the voters who are tired of the same old people playing the same old Washington games. Yes, this includes Latino voters.

Si se puede!

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