Monday, February 25, 2008

Early voting is big. HUGE.

The Secretary of State details the voter turnout for the top 15 counties through yesterday, Sunday, February 24th.

There are no trends to follow and there is no precedent to refer back to. This election season is breaking all the rules, redefining "conventional wisdom" and forcing the politicos and pundits to git off their bee-hinds and find out what is driving people to the polls so that they can hitch a ride on the March 4th express. 

Already on board is Armando Walle, the Houston Chronicle endorsed candidate who is on his way to defeating incumbent Rep. Kevin Bailey in House District 140. Team Walle has taken nothing for granted and they have worked very hard for this seat. I am very proud of Armando, Debbie, the Walle and Dimas families and of all the young people who took ownership of this campaign to make things better in North Side and Aldine. They are informed, engaged and have definitely shaken things up in the neighborhood. Armando is an excellent candidate who is from the district and has worked in the community for over six years. Armando Walle is exactly the kind of person District 140 needs to turn things around for the people who live there.

Team Walle has run an effective grassroots campaign under the guidance of State Representative Ana E. Hernandez who successfully held District 143 for the Democrats in 2005 by running the same type of operation. Ana is good - damn good - and all of the young people on Armando's campaign are learning what leadership is about through Ana's example.

And while there is much frettin' over the call for change and the "throw the bums out" mentality, that only applies to those who have neglected their districts and who have little to show for their time in office other than some bones thrown to them by the Republican leadership. 

State Representative Jessica Farrar is an example of the type of strong Democratic leadership we will have in the Texas House if we do succeed at the polls in November by throwing out the Republicans (and the sellout D's) and vote for change. 

If there is any time to stand your ground and vote your conscience, it is now. The early voting numbers signal that we are on the cusp of a major realignment in the Texas Legislature. Democrats can regain control of the Texas House and fortify our stand in the Senate. Are you going to be on the winning side of history?

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