Thursday, February 28, 2008

Five days and counting...

...Counting the hours of sleep we've had in the past week. I've had 16 hours of nocturnal rest, which is significantly up from last week's total of 12. I know what you're saying - SLACKER! But come on, I'm in my thirties and although our campaign has the best food around, I'm not exactly the picture of health these days.

I haven't had any exercise other than blockwalking, my social life is practically non-existent (I haven't had a date since last election cycle) and my friends and family think I have abandoned them for Jessica Farrar, Armando Walle and Barack Obama. Oh yes, let's not forget Tanner Garth, whose fan club president (Oh, Belinda!) would be upset if we didn't give her favorite judicial candidate a plug.

Rest assured, dear readers, that your local political operatives do, in fact, love their families, plants, dogs, husbands and other living things in their care. We can't stress enough that this election is important! If Democrats paid as much attention to primary elections as Republicans do, we would be in better positions to prevail in the November general election.

So just give us five more days and we'll wrap this thing up. Si se puede!

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