Monday, March 3, 2008

Firecracker, firecracker... boom, boom, boom!

On the day before election day, most campaigns are busy putting together a GOTV strategy to get their voters to the polls tomorrow. On second thought, allow me to clarify. Campaigns that are trying to win tomorrow are working their GOTV strategy while campaigns made of losers are wasting time fu***ng with their opposition.

About an hour ago over here at Team Farrar, we were phone banking, creating driving routes, icing down the Saint Arnold's Amber and feeding our consultant his daily ration of Peanut M & M's when we heard the festive sounds of gunpowder erupt suddenly from out in front of our campaign office. Some wise guy thought it would be a good idea to throw fireworks from a moving car at us.

WTF? Was that supposed to scare us? Was it a pre-cursor to events that may happen later in the evening by thugs who were paid to sabotage our phones or wreak havoc on our campaign HQ? La Belinda wasn't scared. She hit the deck, grabbed her glock from her gorgeous red bag and fired off a shot in retaliation. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but don't underestimate Belinda! She's from Cottage Grove and doesn't play.

We have an idea of who the perpetrators were based on our experiences working on Ana's campaign in 2005. One phone call later, we have a volunteer commanding 24-hour surveillance of our campaign office and the Houston Police Department has the name of the paid Republican operative who's been causing lots of problems in Democratic races. 

So come on with it. Team Farrar is ready to beat you at the polls tomorrow and to press charges against you. But then again, that's nothing new to you.

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