Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Senate needs something to do

As a legislative staffer in 2005, House business kept me busy. We were there at the Capitol all day, all night and sometimes on the weekends preparing for the big bills coming up on the Calendar.

House staffers, current and former, tend to gently rib our colleagues on the Senate side for their short workdays and remarkably dewy skin. They are all so well-rested and unstressed. Oh, I'm kidding. But what's that old saying about "idle hands?"

Check out what's been happening in the office of Senator Bob Deuell:

AUSTIN – A veteran Capitol staffer resigned Monday over allegations he impersonated both a state representative and a newspaper reporter in the last month – first to sway a state primary race, then to glean information on an ethics complaint against his boss.

Todd Gallaher had been on leave from Republican state Sen. Bob Deuell's office since last month, when he used an e-mail address that looked like it belonged to a Democratic lawmaker to send out embarrassing photos of a South Texas sheriff up for re-election.

Thanks to Emily Ramshaw at the DMN for the scoop!

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