Monday, March 24, 2008

Fulfilling my brown obligation

The biggest story the past two days in Texas music has been on the severe head injuries Tejano music singer Emilio Navaira sustained after crashing his tour bus on 610 in the early morning hours of Easter Sunday. It's a terrible, saddening and upsetting situation for Navaira's fans. I admit, I like me some Emilio, especially on a day with cold beers and barbecue on the grill. While we remember the many good times we've had enjoying the music, everyone needs to consider the gravity of this man's medical condition.

Emilio Navaira has suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI) and he will never be the same. The doctors at Memorial Hermann are working to save his life and to minimize, if at all possible, the extent of brain injuries caused by the crash. Given my own family's experience with TBI and the doctors at UT-Houston and Memorial Hermann, the Navaira family has a very good chance of getting their loved one back. I think Dr. Red Duke is still on staff there, too.

Emilio's in good hands. 

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