Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jose Canseco is nucking futs

Did you see Nightline? Martin Bashir interviews Jose Canseco about his new book, Vindicated. In it, Canseco unashamedly, embarrassingly (for him) says that my baby daddy, Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, hit on Jose's random-looking wife. 
Whatever! He "names names" and says A-Rod used steroids, but when Martin asks him if he hates Alex, Canseco can't help but say, yeah, I hate the motherfucker, and yeah, that's why I'm talking. Canseco gets a little agitated with Bashir's questions, and that just makes him look desperate and sad. But mostly it is a trip to watch. Jose Canseco is a piece of work and a top contender for 2008 Player Hater of the Year. 
Alex, meanwhile, isn't having any of this. He's the number one player in baseball, baby. 
It's a disturbing interview. I really hope Canseco gets help and stays away from the Adult Film Industry. Doesn't it seem like that's where he's heading?


chilicook said...

Anoche al parque de Minute Maid pinche Albert Pujols aparecĂ­a muy flaco. Obviously he had to come off el jugo. Tramposo.

!Viva los Astros!

La Sandra said...

I love me some Albert Pujols. And I hate him.