Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lakeside blogging

Ms. & I are cozied up here in shelter #3 at Canyon Lake. The soldiers on the other side of us are pretty quiet right now, so Ms. doesn't have to walk out there in her jammies to shut them up. We've had a great time thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Sanchez who agreed to adopt us. I'm having the papers drawn up on Monday.

We took a boat ride around the lake today, napped in the hammocks & supervised a 10-year-old pyromaniac around the campfire. Major Sanchez assured us of the boy's competance. "He's a Webelo!" I suppose I'll take his word for it.

It has been such a nice weekend! I must admit that I am very annoyed at Congress for stealing my hour from me tonight. I know it wasn't just Hillary whodunit, but she's as good a person to blame as any.

Okay, enough blogging. I'm turning out the lights and tucking Ms. into her bed. Scary stories, hair braiding and pillow fights are next. (You wish.)

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Belly said...

ahhh!! I wish I was at the lake again! Would of been better of I wasn't sooo sick... but maybe next time.