Saturday, April 26, 2008

Debate? No thanks, we're good.

La Hilaria is clamoring for more debates. On the stump today in Indiana, she chided Sen. Obama and his supporters for "complaining" about the questions and moderators of the ABC News debate in Pennsylvania two weeks ago. Clinton campaign manager Maggie Williams sent a letter, by carrier pigeon, presumably, to the Obama campaign requesting that the two engage in a Lincoln-Douglas style debate in Indiana. Apparently, Team Clinton is going with the debate-dodging rhetoric as a form of attack on Barack Obama. Sen. Obama and his campaign have stated quite clearly that there will be no more debates prior to the May 6th elections. He's got voters to talk to and a General Election strategy to plan.
Barack Obama is our party's nominee. By refusing to accept this fact, Hillary and Bill Clinton are forcing the rest of us to continue living in their world - in their political universe - by prolonging the primary contests. I've had it with them. After 2008 is over, the only place I want to see Senator Clinton is on CSPAN2 during Senate floor debates. Bill needs to go to a place where black people might be happier to see him - like Africa - on his humanitarian trips with the Clinton Foundation. President Clinton's mouth has alienated enough African American voters to question his wife's ability to carry that vote in November. 
The way the Clintons have traded in the black vote for the bubba vote, have talked guns, taken (whiskey) shot photo-ops and the manner in which they have essentially marginalized the base of the Democratic Party is astonishing. The base of the Democratic Party is the black vote and African Americans have been fiercely loyal to the party. It is a mistake to discount this fact.

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