Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday blogging

Okay, so... the family is getting together today in honor of my grandpa, Frank G. Guerrero, Sr. I went to church, sat with my family and then I stopped back home to change before heading to Grandma's.

I couldn't resist watching George Stephanopoulos first. He's my Sunday Talking Head of choice. President Carter was on today from Katmandu, Nepal. When President Carter isn't observing elections, he is defying U.S. foreign policy by meeting with Hamas, a terrorist organization, or so says the U.S. government. Carter is acting as a private citizen on behalf of the Carter Center, the policy think tank and foundation. The president also spoke about the Center's work eradicating the guinea worm and guinea worm disease in Africa.
I googled "guinea worm" and found several reference sites, and also something called Save the Guinea Worm Foundation. The site is linked through Seven Deadly Sins. Okay, I can take a joke.

Then on Stephanopoulos, George Will mentions the 7 Deadly Sins in reference to President Carter, saying that the President is motivated by pride. Whoa.

I perused the 7 Deadly Sins website for information on how I, as a bad Catholic, would suffer in hell as a result of my sinful demand to be treated like a human being. My options for torture, upon getting to hell, differ according to the sin. But geez.... how am I to choose what sin I am most guilty of? I'm going with the torture method that seems less gruesome and totally worth the sin:

Anyhow, back to Politics. I'm a flip-flopper. I just thought I'd mention one thing about the latest in the presidential campaigns. The whole bitter Obama controversy is nothing compared to the shady deals President Bill has been engaging in. Talk about some juicy, red meat for those Republicans to tear into. After watching Stephanopoulos, I'm convinced that Senator Obama will weather this Bitter storm. He needs to take Donna Brazile's advice and be that community organizer. Senator Clinton is making a fool out of her self drinking whiskey with the guys and waving her gun around. Who the hell is she trying to be, Dick Cheney?

Obama needs to expose the shady deals Bill Clinton has been making with China and Colombia that have contributed to the Clintons' considerable wealth. They are really cashing in on this Presidency thing.

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