Saturday, April 12, 2008

I got that feeling...

You know the one. Like something isn't quite right. I am kind of bummed but not enough to just sit around and be lazy. So I sorted the clothes and picked up a little in the bedroom. I saw the Daniel Day-Lewis movie, There Will be Blood and have been avoiding the headlines. 

I made myself some food and ran an errand. It's a nice night. Going out would be fun, but I don't think I'd get in with my 90's era levi shorts and hole-y Stones t-shirt.

Home again, I pop open the computer and peruse the headlines. Ugh. There is that feeling again.

The Obama campaign is over. Dead. Hasta.
His stupid fucking remark at that high-dollar fundraiser was all anyone needs to beat us in November.


The End.


Peacefully, let's go to November together as a Party, stopping the Republicans and John McCain.

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